Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Simple, Insightful, Inspiring

This is a touching, well made documentary video. It starts with a specific tragedy and ends in awe of a greater, unending tragedy; two son return to El Salvador to remember their recently passed father who had adopted an impoverished village there. Soon their focus, and their camera, turn to an unblinking look at bone grinding poverty experienced daily by members of this community.
Watch this to find one answer why undocumented immigration will not end until it becomes possible to live with dignity in all worlds, not just the first.

The video's design is beautiful; good music, smart editing, creative filming-all with a simple hand held camera. Anyone contemplating going overseas and wanting to film their experience for their own documentary should watch, and study, this video. Good job People not Profit. I hope you get your new line of T-Shirts out in time for my Christmas list.


James David said...

Hi Todd! Glad to see you heard about these guys, they're doing some really good work. We're planning an interview with them soon... I'll let you know when it happens!

Andrew said...

Mr.Drake you are an inspiration to me. I have spent this evening reading the things you put on your blog, you help me see and think in ways I normally wouldn't see and truthfully never took a moment to think of or appreciate. I can't wait to read future blogs.