Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first Movie

I would appreciate any feedback you would like to give on my first imovie attempt. This one is an overview of my art projects. I plan to make more that document specific projects and will also incorporate video. Thanks for your feedback here.

Lost and Found?

Right after September 11, 2001 I wrote a short creed of what I believed in most. It was my best effort to pull myself out of feeling of despair and depression over a world gone mad. I tacked it to my office door and went on with life. I lost it after several years and recently found it again. I share it on this anniversary of 9/11 with a question or two weighing heavily on my mind; have we as a nation declared what we most believe in, or have we lost something?

My Creed

To always live a life full of love,
wonder and enthusiasm.

To listen for God's voice within me and
follow in Christ's example.

To be thankful.

To nurture others.

To create art that speaks to truth and beauty.

To be a faithful husband and parent,
inspiring teacher,
and lasting friend.

To be the best at what I do
and to learn from life.

To live my life without regret, fear, or malice
and to always remember
that love alone will carry me
across The Great River.