Monday, October 8, 2007

New Word, New Art

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Look up the word shibboleth (noun) and you will find the byline for world events. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "a word or pronunciation that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another." Doris Salcedo has created a conceptual work titled Shibboleth 2007, that is not unlike Maya Lin's Vietnam War Monument in DC. This work' form is a giant, real, crack running the length of the Tate Modern in London. It's content comes from Salcedo:
" It represents borders, the experience of immigrants, the experience of segregation, the experience of racial hatred. It is the experience of a Third World person coming into the heart of Europe."
Check it out, look for the conceptual reflection of our world in it, and do not fall in. Imagine the insurance on this piece!

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