Monday, October 1, 2007

M.C. Richard's Spirit Still Burns

photo by Jonathan William

Watching the spirit of M.C. Richards unfold like a flower in this video was inspirational beyond words. I found my muse for growing old without artistic diminishment in her. M.C. was a Black Mountain College faculty member who went on to make pottery, create poetry, and pen the book "Centering" after BMC closed. (She participated in the first ever "happening" at BMC.) In this video we see her discussing the joys of living a creative centered life and gain insight into her life's work from friends and colleagues . My favorite segments include her interaction with her mentally handicapped students and her dancing in the kitchen while patting her bottom and singing about God having a sense of humor. M.C. inspired hundreds if not thousands of artists in her lifetime. This documentary keeps the momentum alive. You can order the documentary at

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Jane Faulkner said...

MC is my hero. I love this video and never tire of watching her. Though I just play with art, pottery and poetry, she inspires me to live life to the fullest. I am a somatics coach and she really captured the idea of centering before it became so popular in the somatics field. I am including her in my Feb newsletter and hope to resurrect her book and her spirit!! Jane