Thursday, October 4, 2007

Conceptual Beauty from Home Depot

The Hexayurt people must have seen that quote "All the solutions to our problems are already within our reach, all that is need is the resolve." This building may not at first appear beautiful, but when you listen to the advantages of this design for emergency shelter; high R value, waterproof, light, long lasting, cheap, and can be put up in minutes, the design takes on an elegance that Frank Lloyd Wright would have appreciated. Check out the second video on the webpage, it's more informative. Then join me at Home Depot to buy the materials and build your own. Seriously, I am planning to recommend this design to my Scouting group.
PS- Here is a video describing a folding design.

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Vinay Gupta - Hexayurt Project said...

Wow, thank you Todd. I'm glad you like it!

If you look on, you'll see footage of a folding hexayurt that we built in Germany. I'm not posting a direct link because it'll probably wind up parking this comment as spam and queuing it, but it's there :)