Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tales of Water by Taco Anema

I found this book while browsing a used book store and immediately feel in love with it. When looking it up on Amazon to provide a link here, I was met with a promotional for Amazon's new digital book. Though it will save trees, I doubt that new devise will provide the pleasure this book does in paper and card board. Each page is filled with photos taken by Taco Anema of the two most important elements in our world; children and water. The relationship between the two that he captures takes me back to my own prehistoric (at least pre-digital) childhood when I spent hours exploring the creek bed behind my house, I still remember the crawdads and insect larva I discovered in its still clear and clean water. Sadly, those creek beds are now polluted as are many water sources around the world. Rather than depress us with pictures of a fallen Eden, Taco reminds us of the possibility of a cleaner, friendlier world, one we should devote our time here to preserving.

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