Sunday, March 16, 2008

Praying for Tibet

Wind horse prayer flags.

A dear friend of mine from China once told me that they had been taught in school that Tibetans ate from human skulls. While he may recognize this now as so much cultural propaganda he still expresses the opinion that Tibet should remain a part of China. "How would you feel if Alaska wished to succeed?" he asked me. I see his point.
I also pray and worry that Tibet will loose its religious identity as China presses for integration. It is possible to now take a fast, cheap train ride from Beijing to Tibet but will it be possible to keep hold of Tibet without erasing its culture and religion? Maybe that's not the point.

As the news of today reports protests, deaths, and deadlines, I hope you take a moment to pray or meditate for Peace. Then check out Tibetan Aid Project, an organization dedicated to preserving the art and writing of Buddist Tibet. Here is an informative video on their efforts.

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