Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chaos in Calais - Another Perspective on Undocumented Immigration

You may have never heard of the port city of Calai, France or may think of Rodin's Burghers of Calais. (see below) Today, Calais is in the news for their tent city called "The Jungle" . It is an abandoned bit of woods that is shelter for undocumented immigrants coming from all over Africa, and the Middle East including Iraq and Afghanistan. We in the US tend to think only of Mexico and Latin America when we think of undocumented immigration. The issue of migration is a world wide one and tied tightly to the issue of human suffering and dreams for a better life. This video examines the issue from all sides; the immigrants, the volunteers, and the officials. Particularly touching for me is the migrant who came to Europe to pursue his love of Western Music and was shocked by the racism he found. Worth looking at also are the comments left by viewers on You Tube- sad, truly sad. (Click on the video to go to You Tube and scroll down to read comments.)

Rodin's sculpture memorialized the willingness of man to sacrifice for the love of others- a lesson we are still learning.

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