Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Empire = Treasure

Empire Books is a treasure. This small, used book store in the shadows of Guilford College on W. Friendly Avenue is filled with beautiful art books, refreshingly uncensored and challenging texts, walls of paperbacks, and antique-cool books from the 20th Century. Owners Shane and Mark obviously love their collection. Many books that they take in are quickly covered in a protective clear covering. Like a Vet caring for sick kitten Shane commented "There, that's better" after covering one book I was buying today. The owners make selection like knowledgeable antique dealers cherry picking books that are small jewels whether for their content, imagery, or style. Each owner has their favorite topics. Their wall of art books is the best I have ever seen. I forever imagine that it is the complete collection of some blue chip artist or curator. Why Guilford students are not lined up to browse and buy from this treasure chest baffles me. Good for me and my semi-regular visit to look and leave with new treasures for my own collection.

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