Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Progressive Rhymes

I first stumbled upon Flobots when I was listening to a late night talk-radio show. They are a hip-hop group based out of Denver. I found them interesting because they seemed to break the stereotypes of typical hip-hop groups. There are six members of the group. There are two emcees, one bassist, one drummer, one guitarist, and one viola player.

I also found it intriguing that the group was a multi-racial, and multi-gender group. The band has just recently signed with Universal Republic Records, and have just released an official video for their first single "Handlebars." They have many other very powerful songs such as "Stand Up" and "Iraq Rap."

I really admire this group because of their progressive stance. I feel like they are addressing issues that most hip-hop/rap groups or artists are not. I strongly advise you to check out this group. Feel their rhythms, listen to their rhymes, but most of all hear their message.

Guest Blogger,
Reid Drake

"Stand Up" by Flobots

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