Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Artist Pair Provokes Thought with New Show

I have admired Juan Logon's work for some time. I remember his abstracted Klansmen images from some years ago- tucking them into my visual memory filed under "respect." Shamefully, I just learned that another artist-friend Susan Harbage Page was married to Juan. Susan and I had met as photography jurors and developed a professional friendship which I also filed under "respect." So it goes without saying that I recommend their concurrent shows of new work at Dalton Downtown Arts Initiative (DDAI) titled Postcards from Home by Susan Harbage Page and Unintended Relations by Juan Logan on display from January 22 - March 14, 2008 at Clinton Jr. College, Dalton Gallery, Dalton, SC. Both artists explore the issue of race and racism from their own unique perspectives - an issue still embedded in the American Psyche. Take a moment to read Duke University Dr. Laurel Fredrickson's essay on their work. Then Go see their work in person and open your own files.

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