Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lucy Talks about Art and Death :)

Paul Klee, Ancient Sound

Lucy Daniels and her foundation have worked for years to give a unique voice to mental health and the arts in our community and beyond. On February 9th , 2008, (2:30 PM, NC Museum of Art) her foundation is sponsoring a workshop on creativity and self-repair as it relates to cancer. Their release states " The healing power of art is a complementary, active approach to illness.. (that can create)...a unique dialect between illness and health, between despair and new hope." Rock on Lucy! The foundation is also sponsoring a lecture on the art of Paul Klee called "In the Shadow of Death." Apparently 1/4 of Klee's best work was created in the last years of his life as he struggled with a terminal illness. (Why do they not teach this in school!) Fill in what you probably didn't know about Paul Klee by attending this lecture on Sunday, Feb.9th at 2:30 at the NCMA. Thanks Lucy! RSVP at or call 919-677-9888 x 123


Anonymous said...

Lecture is actually Feb. 10, not Feb. 9.

Anonymous said...

It is a nice article. It is about the mental health and the arts in our community. It is a leading foundation.



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