Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Dying to Get In" looks past stereotypes

If you are tired of the stereotypes being pushed on mainstream media of immigrants from Mexico; DWIs, Identify Thieves, and gangs, expand your perspective on the issue with this documentary by Elon University Alumni Brett Tolley. I have seen this documentary and it does justice to the struggles of those who are labeled illegal "aliens" for the want of a simple visa and whose labor is actively sought by US companies. Go to


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Yep! You got it. I can post as Anon. and sign my name. Brenda or Faye or BB

Welcome! I do mostly political commentary with some humor thrown in now and then. Hadn't planned political as my topic when I started tho. Had traveled full time thru-out North America for eleven years and had planned to do travel stories. But got caught up in the politics of Greensboro and Guilford County and have been on it since starting to blog in September '04. Look forward to your site and some "lighter" fare. As for blogging I don't know a whole lot either . And what I know about computers can be put in a thimble. I just yell for help when I need it. Blogger is good so you should have all the help you need. BB